Enabling productivity and security for remote workers

With companies all around the world rapidly shifting to a remote workforce, one thing is certain: working from home is here to stay. So, how do you find solutions that support your remote employees at scale and keep business running as usual during — and after — this transition?

Challenges of going remote

The main challenge of supporting a remote workforce is finding solutions that can easily scale across your entire organization in the long-term. Remember — operational and security issues that are acceptable for 72 hours are not acceptable for 72 days.

In many cases, your legacy VPN servers will lack the robustness needed for mass remote usage. For example, your corporate VPN and firewall are probably not configured for a 4X surge. This will slow employees down and expose your company to unnecessary security risks.

Your employees will also be using a variety of personal devices during this time such as routers and laptops, opening up additional vectors for attacks. When coupled with the fact that home workers are typically an easy target for phishing and malware attacks, it’s pretty clear that you should rethink your security strategy sooner rather than later.

Creating a high-performance work from home network

At UST Global, we know how to leverage both internal and cloud-based datacenters to build out your security perimeter and increase employee productivity. Our Remote Work Productivity Solution was designed to get your work from home operations set up quickly, so you can focus on navigating your business through these uncertain times.

We use three services to create your flexible, high-performance work from home (WFH) network:

  1. We enable quick setup of your WFH network with the proper policies and configurations.
  2. We proactively monitor your network for security and performance, and address any issues.
  3. We provide 24/7 global support for your remote workers and address their home network needs.

The result? An extended security perimeter, enhanced employee performance and the ability to quickly scale your operations.

A solution for the future

Supporting remote work at enterprise scale isn’t easy, but building a strong operational and security infrastructure now will serve your organization well into the future.

Our all-in-one simple cloud solution provides streamlined visibility, allowing you to manage:

  • Cloud security
  • Mobile VPN/SDP
  • Cloud acceleration
  • WAN optimization
  • Network security
  • And more, all from a single, clear dashboard

We handle your network performance monitoring, issue detection and response, and end-user support, so you can focus on what matters. 

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